Lorelai 2nd Birthday Party – Minnie Mouse

So it is now official we are having a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party. (Previous Post can be found here)

I have found so many great ideas, so many of them I can make myself so I am starting early with the planning.

The Party will be on Saturday 28 January 2011 @ my new house (that’s if I have moved in by then, otherwise it will be at my mothers, luckily the address stays the same.)

I will be having an adult table in my side yard and the kids area in my back yard, obviously the two are connected.

The guest list has pretty much been finalised. Yeah on me for being a bit anal.

I am thinking about getting photographer for the day someone like Celeste Barlow (other wise known as Reluctant Mom) she is that awesome lady who always takes the pictures at out Moomie Meets and she is also the lady who did the Photo Shoot with me and the Girls. Okay who am I kidding I will only use her. Celeste  your hired if I can a) afford it and b) if you are free that day.

Go check her mad skills out here

A lot of thinking and budgeting has gone into this party that is only happening in like 3 months, but with Christmas, New Years, My birthday (19 December just so you know I like pink!) Schools starting you going to rub your eyes twice and end Jan will be on front of you.

Early bird catches the worm, right?

Okay so the outfit is very important. I currently have 2 ideas of what I will maybe like for the day:

Idea 1 and what I will need: 

It looks easy enough. The top I can use a plain white vest and have Tara over for some wine and convince her that her talent is needed to complete the master piece. The skirt my mother can make.

The Second Outfit:

More painting for aunty Tara or maybe I can find someone to make it for me without charging me an arm or a leg? Help fellow Cape Town mommies!

The party will obviously have balloons. I mean really no party is complete without it.

I found these awesome Mouse shaped cookies that I will be baking myself, they look completely yummy and it can be that hard can it?

Check them out, they even have a 2 on them so that is my sign that I have to make them.

<All images are from random google searches, location unknown>


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14 thoughts on “Lorelai 2nd Birthday Party – Minnie Mouse

  1. You’re as bad as me. I’ve already sent out the invites! We’re having it on 21 Jan. I’m doing a Pirates of the Caribbean theme though it may turn into caribbean it being summer and all – easier as well! I’m definitely getting help (as in 2 people) in keeping everything under control as I would also like to be able to serve some bubbly and snacks to the big kids.

    The first outfit is very cute though maybe the second will be more comfortable?


    • Juno that sounds like so much fun! You and Liam are welcome to join for Lorelai’s party would be great to see you both! My invites are going out month end.

      The first outfit is so cute , the mother me knows that outfit number 2 will be better (I know we will end up having that one) but I love the first one.


      • Sounds great. Think you need to come through to Liam’s as well if you can..lots of different ages so bring both girls along. We live on a small holding so oodles of space for the kids..going to be very casual and not a lot of fuss at all..


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