Lorelai’s 2nd Birthday

I know it is only October and her birthday is only at the end of January but I have started looking at ideas and working on a budget (yes poor people need to plan way in advance!)

I decided to use a Minnie Mouse theme as Lorelai just loves Disney’s Mickey Mouse!

I have googled and found so many nice ideas (I will be sharing my plan very soon) but only to realise that if I clean out my gmail inbox I will see that Cupcakemummy has already done a post about this!

How awesome are these photo’s

I will seriously borrow some of the ideas from her post.

PS: Cupcakemommy thanks for a great blog.


9 thoughts on “Lorelai’s 2nd Birthday

    • You are so invited. The date and Location wont change. Will seriously be awesome to have you there!!!!!

      Thinking about getting Reluctant Mom to do the pics.


  1. 😆 We are also doing a Minnie Mouse 2nd birthday in December. May the force be with us all. I’ve decided that I’m definitely not going to town with the theme like last year (hearts) crippled myself for two days with that party! But there will be hot dogs, ice cream, cooldrink and sweets, and gift bags with mice on them, and a jumping castle. That is my scaled down version…just imagine. 😉


  2. Cannot wait to see some pictures!. Amandalynn’s 4 birthday I did everything myself and the entire party, and decor cost me R485 but it took me 2 weeks to put it all together.


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