Building an Apartment – Part 10

I am aware of the fact that I have not blogged about his topic in a while.

But mainly because I am gatvol.

This process is taking forever and a day, now building takes long and there are problems and all I can hear it blah blah blah.

My parents have changed there minds on the tiles and paint and cupboards so many time and I am not even sure currently if they have made a final decision on this.

Again let me just say I don’t care!

I just want to move in.

Here is some pics taken about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see not much has changed!

Okay I lie a lot has changed, but it is small tiny little things that make it feel like nothing has changed.

Currently the following still needs to be done, also think this is kind of the order in which it needs to be done.

1. House needs to be tiled <don’t even know which tile> my father and brother will be doing this, so when ever they start it will take 2 weeks to finish as they can only work on weekends.

2. The cupboards need to be put in <at least I think they have decided on this> Again my father , brother and family friend will be doing this so another 2 weekends worth of work.

These to things take up the most time. If this is not done they cannot continue inside.

Other things that need to be done inside when they are done with number 1 and 2:

Walls & Ceiling needs to be painted. (But only after tiles and cupboards are finished)

Doors need to be put up. (When they are done painting)

Windows need to be sealed. (When they are done painting)

Bathroom fittings need to be put in. (When they are done painting)

All light fittings, etc needs to be put in. (When they are done painting)

Do you get where I am going with this.

So my maybe move end Oct has been moved to maybe end Nov or maybe end NEVER!

Again let me just say I’m gatvol.

PS: Mom and Dad love you for building me a house but finish the hell up because I need to get out of your house!

oh and I will be growing a herb garden so feel free to send ideas my way… 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Building an Apartment – Part 10

  1. For the herbgarden: you have to have mint and dill!

    On the house topic : STERKTE. My dad’s an architect and designed our house when I was in high school. It was the stuff divorce is made of…………..


  2. Wow…just…wow. You’re kidding right…?

    “Mom, dad, thank you for building me a HOUSE, but hurry the hell up, because I’m tired of living with you”?!

    So lemme get this straight…your parents are letting you live with them, they are BUILDING YOU A HOUSE so you don’t have to move again, and you are COMPLAINING? Ungrateful much? It’s their house, so they can change their mind about the tiles and cupboards 20 000 times, and you have no right to complain about it.

    Grow up.


    • Grant
      Firstly welcome to MY blog.
      Secondly No I am not kidding, clearly you have not read any of my other posts so you have no idea what goes on in my house or my life.
      Thirdly I am a member of The Mom Pledge and bulling and being rude on MY blog is not accepted.

      It’s not a fact of living in their house or being ungrateful, the fact of the matter is that If you knew me or my family you will understand its not a fact of being ungrateful but more in the sense of wanting the get things done. My mother thinks this is funny and she would just like me to give you a message: “If you cant say anything nice please don’t say anything at all!”


  3. It is so insanely hilarious to me, how, when people write blogs, they expect all the comments to be fluffy bunnies and happy sunshine. If you put yourself out there like that, you have to be prepared to take criticism as well.

    Bullying? Jeez. Cyberbullying would be me telling you that you suck and are an awful person and should go jump in a river because no-one loves you. Did I do that. No. I merely stated my opinion that, (in that post), you sound ungrateful.

    And yes, I have read your entire blog, so you’re wrong there.


    • Grant

      Thank you for reading my blog. But I don’t expect comments to be all fluffy bunnies and happy sunshine as my life is not that. But please keep your negativity for yourself its not welcome on my blog.

      Happy reading.


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