Found this on Cinderella Trippin and it was too cute and funny not to be shared…

A is for Appetite ….it comes and it goes. Don’t stress. If  hungry , they eat.

B is for BooHoo…..crying is a way of communicating. As in “ I am very angry with you right now  for making me do something / stop doing something  but I don’t know how to say it yet. But just you wait! “

C is for Cute………little legs in shorts and pudgy arms around your neck.

D is for Doors…..suddenly they can open them. Be prepared.

E is for Entertaining………original use of language will keep you giggling.

F is for Forget Your Sunday Afternoon Snooze……..sorry, it’s over.

G is for Growth Spurt…, they don’t just happen to babies. Buy bigger clothes than you think you need.

Follow the link for the rest…



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