Potty Training 103

My little girls behind looks like a complete war zone.

We have tried everything, any cream or anything you can think of, but nothing works. I wish I could take pictures to show you how bad it is, but you will call people and come take my child because of abuse.

any way…

Saturday she could hardly walk, becuase it is painful having a nappy rub against broken skin and I dont blame her.

So my mom and I came up with a solution. Some thing as a last resort that might just work.

We strated potty training Lorelai. She actually wore a panty for most of the day.

I on the other hand spent most of the day cleaning up her wee all over the house and changing her.

It went okay.

I’m not expecting miracles as she is only 19 months old and we are potty training as a last resort because her bum and v.j.j. looks like a ware zone and every cream/ointment/prayer we have tried doe not work!

Sunday night while Hannes was bathing them, I heard the kids screaming and Hannes ran out and told me to finish them he is getting the clothing. I got into bathroom and what a surprise I got.

I had to clean that! <Yes I made Hannes take the picture>

Amandalynn was disgusted and Lorelai kept saying “Mamma, Gogga gaan my byt” (Mommy the bug is going to bite me) and pointing at the poo.


12 thoughts on “Potty Training 103

  1. We have had a few floaters as well. It is always a “Battle of the Spouses” to see who will be the lucky one to have to fish it out of the water.

    Anyway, have you given Lucoderm a try?


    • This was Lorelai’s first I think. Maybe when she was a baby. Christelle I have. I have tried chemist mixes all the creams on the market and mazina. I have even used Advantan and Allergex as a last resort just to give her some relief. No hope.


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