Beautiful Miracle by Charlotte Coetzee

I wrote this when Hannes and I started dating… (find it on Facebook here)

There’s a fire inside of me that can’t help but shine through and all I think about is how to make you think of me. I just want to look in your eyes, why can’t you just let me love you, let me want you?

Can’t you see the way my eyes light up when you smile at me?
Will I be ready when my heart starts to fall for you?
Will I be filled with hope and desire?
When you walk by me, can you tell that I can’t breathe?
Am I ready for the pain?
Am I ready for you boy?

You eyes look right through me and late at night when I’m lying in my bed I’m thinking of you dreaming of what can be…
I’m not a little girl anymore because what I’m feeling is what I’ve never felt before. Sweet sensations and anticipations you causing commotions with my emotions!

There is so much more that I am feeling but the words to describe it escapes me, I feels like I was trying to fly before but I couldn’t find wings, but then you came along and changed everything. You lifted me of the ground you make me crazy every second of everyday.

Babes you make me fly; my heart has never felt like this before. I’m looking through your eyes I don’t want to wake up I’m scared I’m so scared that this is a dream.

I now see what living is for I don’t want to hide anymore I want you to take me by the hand and take me far far away to a place where you can be the prince and I can be the princess. I want to be where you are with your eyes looking into mine.

I’m sad and hurt and the only place I want to be is in your arms I forget about all and everything when I’m with you I forget about the pain the suffering I forget it all. It’s like you’re a lullaby soothing me when you hold me tight.

Just as long as your mine I’ll be you’re everything. I will never let you fall I’ll stand up with you forever I’ll be there for you through it all

I Got lost in your eyes
When I think happiness I think of my head on your chest
When you think happiness I hope you think of me
I wonder if u know u all I think about at night

I hear your name and it always makes me smile
I spent my time just thinking’ about you
And it’s almost driving me wild

Well you stood there with me in the doorway
my hands shake
I’m not usually this way but
You pull me in & I’m a little more brave
It’s the first kiss really something’ it’s fearless.

I published this today, just to let you know that nothing has changed and everyday I love you more!


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