Potty Training 102

So putting training has not really started for real but the idea is there.

i.e. I bribe my child that she can get a cookie if she makes a pee pee on the potty. She sits and about after 3 minsshe will get of and tell me she is done. NOTHING happend. She will wipe her v.j.j. and put the potty in the cupboard. Then pee on my floor.

Stunning I love it.

Here are some cute pics of her sitting on the potty.

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10 thoughts on “Potty Training 102

  1. She does look like she is putting in the effort 🙂

    If it helps, She may not be able to pee voluntarily while sitting unless her bladder is full to bursting and may only be able to release automatically if she is standing. It’s quit common for diapered toddlers to go standing up, because sitting down is a very different feeling they aren’t used to.

    A few more pees on the floor to practice, lol.


    • She is putting in effort. We did a nappy free day on Saturday and needless to say she pee’d on the floor every 5 minutes for about an hour.

      Thanks for the tip.


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