Building an Apartment – Part 9

So with the building process moving at a rapid pace. I realised that I have not done and update in ages…

Here is the load down:

Almost everything is done. As we speak the are putting in the man-hole in the front of the property. It is a bit of a struggle because they cannot find the connecting pipes, but likely I am at work when all of this goes down.

We have finally decided on a tile for the house. Can we say F.I.N.A.L.L.Y? That process will start this weekend. If my dad does it on his own it will take 2 weekends and it will be done.

Cupboards have been finalised so as soon as the tiling is done we can start on that and it will also take about a weekend.

From when they are finished with the tiling and starting with the cupboards all the other fittings will be put in and they will paint. So then I can move in.

It is so close to me having my own home again.

This in turn got me thinking about my decor and what I’m going to do.

I like this for the kitchen:

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