First Day Of Primary School

Do you remember your first day of primary school? I dont.

Seeing this picture made me think of that first day and how I dont remember a thing.

We talk alot about how perfect we want this to be for our children, but is that really true? We say things like, “My first day of school was aweful, I dont want that for my Child”. <Amazing how the child only features once in that sentance>

I’m thinking seeing that I cannot remember my first day of school it could not have been that bad. I’m looking forward to sending my girls to school. But also at the same time I am dreading the fact that they are growing up way to fast.

just a side note: I was worried about sending Lorelai to Chreche in January because I fear she will not be ready, but she is so ready after singing “Eendtjies, eendtjies” last night, my eyes opened and I realised that she is ready. 


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