Lorelai on the farm (Photo Post)

So I have been missing from the blogging world, I needed a bit of space. A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks and I will try to catch you up on everything…

Lorelai went with her father 2 or 3 weeks ago to go visit his parents. His mom is sick and he went to go see her and took Lorelai with to cheer her up.

<she is doing better now>

Here are some pictures of Lorelai on the farm

Night 1 on the farm – taking a bath with her cousin Wiko. He was born October 2009 and Lorelai Jan 2010. If the picture quality was better you would be able to see that they have the same eyes <here I was thinking my child is unique!>

Lorelai had a blast on the farm. This child loves being outside so the more time she can spend being messed on the happier she is.

This weird picture is an action shot as I am sure she was running!

I’m loving this picture – I might just be my favourite of them all.

Look how cute they are!!!

Eating again?

Eating is one of her favourite activities – you wouldnot say that if you looked at her, but she can really EAT. Hidden under that jacket is her WESTERNPROVINCE rugby jersey <being in BLUE BULL country she had to hide it – obviously for safty reasons>

This is Hannes’s brother Kobus and his son Wiko

Hannes’s brother Riaan and his son Zander

Apparently she woke Hannes just before 7 on Sunday morning – by pulling on his eyelids. Because she could hear the sheep outside and she wanted to go play. If you know Hannes he does not do the “get up early” thing.

But daaaaddddyyyy I don’t want to go inside – I wasn’t there, but I know my child well enough to know that if she crosses the arms you want her to do something that she does not.

Lorelai being cute with Aunty Jolene

A real little farm girl

Is that a bag? Mmmm Can I pick it up?

Hannes and Lorelai – yes he took this picture himself – he has a habibt of doing that.

Lorelai and Ouma Marietjie (Hannes’s mom)

The final picture of the day…

Ouma, Oupa and Lorelai


21 thoughts on “Lorelai on the farm (Photo Post)

  1. So cute – looks like she had a blast! I had a giggle at the arm crossing pose, Nicola has more of a running-kicking-screaming-flapping of arms and shaking her head kind of pose for extreme no’s. 😆


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