Building Process – The bathroom – Part 7

Saturday morning my mother and I went shopping for the bathroom fittings… This is what we decided on and my father agrees on most of it:

This is my shower. It is huge!!! I love it!

My mother wants to put a little stool in the shower so that when you need to shave or do whatever you can do it without breaking you back.

<note to self – shower is so big and now with the added stool it can get very kinky>

My mother wants to make the one wall in the shower different from the rest of the bathroom so she likes this tiny little tile:

I feel that it is to busy and then you re stuck with only a few color schemes for your bathroom, I prefer this one:

It looks green, but it is not. You can use any color with it.

And the winner is….

Yes I am as shocked as you are!!! But in the end it makes sense to do the entire shower floor to ceiling in this tile. Otherwise we will have 4 different tiles in one room.

My floor tile:

This is a very basic color, but it’s not white so that is just awesome!!! It goes with everything!!!

This is the basin we were looking at, but it is very big but we like the fact that it is flat so you can actually put something on it.

But in the end we found the same one just smaller and obviously cheaper!!!

My mother likes this toilet but I don’t know if I like it… But then again it is a toilet, so who really cares?

Instead of getting a thing that hangs in the shower to put all your toiletries on – we found this awesome little shelf that is built into your wall:

We want and adjustable shower head so that Amandalynn can shower on her own as there will not be a bath. My father does not agree on this but in the end my mother will win and I think that I convinced him last night

The little thing at the bottom id detachable so I can use it to fill Lorelai’s bath without getting soaked or wasting water.

Then we started dreaming about heated fittings…

Who does not want a heated towel rail?

So those are the ideas for my bathroom… My color scheme is going to be brown / cream and obviously a bit of pink for the girls…

What do you think?


17 thoughts on “Building Process – The bathroom – Part 7

  1. Love the toiletry shelf 🙂 and I like the toilet too. I’d also go with neutral tiles, then you can add any colour you want. Have fun with the rest of the shopping!


  2. I liked the colored tiles the best, but you make a very good point about it limiting decor options. They are all beautiful. I love that shelf too! I’m getting jealous… 😉


    • Jess the coloured tiles are awesome. But I want to be able to chop and change the colour scheme as it fits my mood.


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