The building process is moving nice and fast!!! – Building Process – Part 4

Part 3

I’m so excited pretty soon I will have my own home again – granted it is on my parents property but I’m completely okay with that.

I have been taking pictures almost everyday to monitor the progress.

The place will not be very big, but it has two bedrooms and a big enough living area for me and my girls.

With all of this happening I realised that I have to start making some decisions n what I’m going to decorate the girls’ room like.

My entire house will be painted grey – a light warm shade. My friend Tara recently painted her house that colour and I will be copying it because it looks awesome. Luckily she does not have insecurity issues so when I mentioned it to her she even offered me the same and detail of the exact same paint tat she used.

I have 2 little girls who will be sharing a bedroom – I have always said that even if I have enough rooms so that each child can have two, they will be sharing. I feel that it is good for them – or maybe my twisted mind thinks it will be punishment for things they are still going to get up two.

Okay back to the decorating…

While searching online I came across the exact same bedding that Amandalynn has.

This will be the colours that I will be working with.

The furniture in the room are all different colours, but I’m thinking about sanding it down and either painting it a dark brown colour or white. The compactum that the kids have is white so the best option would be to paint it all white, but white gets dirty quickly.

Okay so I still need to decide on that.

Maybe keep it that way – all mixed – and call my laziness/ cant-make-up-my-mind – vintage! 🙂

I took my dilemma to Moomie and as always I got a good response. Thank you Julz for setting my mind at ease.

Why is it so easy to get side tracked?

Any how…

The main wall in the bedroom I want to make it a different colour because I always wanted a cool looking bedroom. Amazing how what we wanted as a child somehow becomes the “NEEDS” of our children.

I found this amazing idea, white and pink stripes instead on one colour.

The curtains I already have and they are dark pink. Almost like these, without the frills

I’m kind of scared that the colours will clash but I’m going to do it and if it does, I will just say that the children picked it and I just have to deal with it.

Love having children you blame small things like this on them and people think it is cute.

Also found this awesome headboard but will be using it as a nice piece on the striped wall.

I assume you picked up by now that it is a Hello Kitty themed room.

Any great ideas you can give me?


9 thoughts on “The building process is moving nice and fast!!! – Building Process – Part 4

  1. Omg I love hk if u dobt mind me asking where can I find that headboard?im getting my first apt & would greatly appreciate it.good luck with ur home it looks like its gunna b great especially the girls hk room!!!


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