Moomie Meet

I always look forward to the Moomie meets as the moms who usually go are the nicest people on earth. It is always fun no matter what – the best part wine is not frowned upon and you can consume as much as you like.

Sunday we had a moomie meet and I was brave enough top take both my children – I know crazy right. I had a ball and so did my children.

Celeste takes the most wonderful pictures and all the pictures on this post were taken by her. She truly takes pictures of the soul. She is a mother of 3, works full time and even run 3 different blogs, I cannot always remember what order she likes them in but here they are: Photography, Dirty Little Secrets Mothers Keep and the one all about her and the craziness that it her life.

Ok back to the moomie meet…

The food was awesome, Rikki made the perfect butternut soup and breads followed by cupcakes.

I did not know that she had a pool so I only packed in one spare set of clothing for my children as it is winter and there is not chance that they will need more than that – actually Amandalynn is 5 she does not even need an extra set. As soon as the first child was playing in the water the other children joined and they loved it.

There is not much more I can say about this day, besides that it was awesome…

Yes I said it again


Awesome cupcakes that Rikki made for us

The chocolate ones were divine!!!!

The kids had a blast at the pool. Lorelai and Amandalynn were wet from head to toe! But they enjoyed it so much.

This is in my opinion the best photo of the day, not only because it is my child, but because it is just stunning! Celeste had a lot to do with how nicely it turned out.

I’m also sure that these little feet belong to Amandalynn – but we will never truly be sure unless we analyze all the photos

I’m not comfortable in front of the camera – I don’t hate photo’s I just never look good in them even if I try. But Celeste did a great job on these, I even like them.

Lorelai is clearly very tired by now…

This one I’m having framed

Thank you again to all the moms who made this day great!!! We had a blast and thank you to Mom2b for the amazing goody bags.

I look forward to the next meet


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23 thoughts on “Moomie Meet

    • Liz – hoe bedoel jy uitfigure? Jy begin by jou birth group in mommie by months stel ouself voor en dan gaan jy deur al die ander groups en chat daar by wat jy interesant vind! Moomie is awesome I big ass heart MOOMIE


    • Yasmin – why cant you? Moomie meets are wonderful you chat to these moms online everyday you know so much about them and then meeting them and having an even better time than you do online.


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