Chreche + Children = Lice

Just a quick not from my side to let you all know how I will be spending my eveing tonight…

No early bedtime for me as my day is ending in a not so good note…

Amandalynn’s teacher called about an hour ago to inform me that my child has lice!!! I washed her hair last night and there was nothing but today a town of little lice monsters have decided to make little Amandalyyn’s head there new home.

Im so gatvol of this problem!!! One day of not putting lavender on my childs head and this is what I get!!!

Pray for me as I will be having a lot of wine while dealing with this problem

<just thinking about this is actually making my head itch>


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9 thoughts on “Chreche + Children = Lice

  1. And my head is now officially itching! The thought of lice in my hair freaks me out!

    A few weekends ago, Jensen was playing outside and he must have thrown some sand or something on his head, he came inside and was lying on my lap and I started rubbing his hair and saw these black things… I swear, I jumped so high because I thought it was lice.

    Then I noticed it was sand… I felt doff!


    • Lauren – scracth it then. LOL
      No you weren’t doff – I jump everytime it just looks like my children want to scratch!!!


  2. bloody nonsense the teacher must start looking in the creche, the problem cannot always be at home. It is very easy to pick up the phone and always phone the mommy if there is no lice at home so must it be at creche/school!

    miss u C.



    • D I agree – but what is the use of complaining? WHen you put your children in school this shit tend to happen. Miss you 2


    • Louisa I got one of those garden spray bottles, filled it with water and added about 15 drops of lavender and 10 drops of tea tree oil. I spray it on her head every morning – obviously I dont soak it but the smell aparently keeps the lice away. I forgot to spray it saturday when she had a birthday party with school firends and then again on monday – but her head was clear on sunday. Last night was a mission to get clean so I remembered to spray this morning! Of and the type of lavender you buy at the chemist the oil.


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