Little Pikabix turned 5, so maybe she is not that little anymore… (Photo Post)

My little girl turned 5!

I cannot believe that she is this old already.

Everything set up perfectly before the party. Needles to say Amandalynn felt she could rearrange everything as it is after all her party!!!!

The awesome cake my mother made – When I was little she made boring ugly cakes (yes mother I called them ugly) but after 24 years of baking birthday cakes she finally found a way to make them look pretty.

Only a couple of children came the day as it was not really a party but more of a friends and family get together!!

Always striking a pose!!!

There were so many cameras that the children did not even know where to look.

Lorelai loved the sparkles – look at how cute Amandalynn is in protecting her sister from being sparkled to a crisp.

Removing the Tiara (take note that it is the tiara I wore on my 21st birthday I am very attached to it)

The cake being cut…

This is the reason why I did not have any cake… Who would eat this?

The party started at 13:00 and the last people left my house that night at 17:30!! They left the place in a mess and it took me way to long to clean!!!

I have to say the outside smoking area was the leanest of it all…

This is how the kids area looked after I have been cleaning it for about 30 mins!!! Those kids were out the break down the building!!!

Amandalynn got the best gifts that day… This one is from my mom who never allowed me to play doctor doctor <insert confused face> Amazing how rules change when it comes to there gran kids

My friends mom had this idea in her occupational therapy mind that sand painting would be an awesome gift, I mean seriously I hate toys that make sounds or a mess. But Amandalynn loved it. So how can I say no?

Hannes decided that every little girl needs to have as much jewelry as her mommy… she had all the rings and necklaces on at the same time.

Some random Barbie toys, still trying to figure out what those little sticks are for.

This is how her doctor set look when it is set up.

More noisy toys.

Amandalynn is on a Hello Kitty rage – everything needs to be hello kitty! So when she got his watch she looked like she was having a heart attack. To be honest I am thinking about stealing it for me.

More messing toys – needless to say by the Sunday all the paint was finished – thank you uncle Devan

The 28th was her official birthday and because her best friends mother took the day off work to have a party for her at school I had to do the same. I don’t see the point, we had a party at home on Saturday so why have another. Yes I know I sound like a bad mother but a class of 20 odd kids are just not my cup of tea!

Amandalynn loved the fact that she got gifts, I think it is possibly the only reason why I had to do a school party. I did not even send out invitations.

Picture is a bit blurred but Tara and I spent the night before decorating the cupcakes and Amandalynn helped to pack them on the stand when we got to the school.

My first little child. I have been watching Tristan from the age of almost 2 when I worked at another chreche, he is now in grade 2 and so apart of the family.

So many kids – I remembered why I gave up teaching as a profession.

Amandalynn and her teacher.

Kids are having a ball with the food.

Amandalynn and her bestie Anje. Anje is 5 days older than Amandalynn they have been together since the age of 6 months.

Otherwise it was a great day. Thank you for all the wishes and gifts.


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10 thoughts on “Little Pikabix turned 5, so maybe she is not that little anymore… (Photo Post)

  1. Congrats to your little princess!

    We’ll never get to do the school party since Nicola is towards the end of December when they’re always on break, but our family and friends one gets quite out of hand, so maybe it’s for the best? 😉


    • Thank you Louisa

      You know Nicola will secretly hate you when she is older!! My birthday is 19 Dec and I almost never had a friends party 😦

      But thinking back now my family made up for that.

      When is her birthday?


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