Friday Function

I have been working at my current company since December and it has been okay/great. This is not my ideal job, but it pays a salary and I’m very busy during the day.

I make time to blog lol

Last week Friday I did my first mini function and even if I have to say so myself it was a big hit. I rocked it.

We take turns in each department to organise the month end Friday function and this months function was my bosses, so obviously it was handed to me to arrange.

We had the nicest food ever – cupcakes, brownies, muffins – and some savoury snacks and chicken. It was awesome.

I sent out the invitation and called it hat day. No hat no food.

The people all freaked out about how they will not be wearing a hat and they are not children – I ignored them and continued with my planning.

Friday came and guess what they all had hats on.

It was also a very sad day as Deirdre our master typist us leaving us for her husband in the UK. I’m happy for her but sad to see her leave…

Some pictures of this awesome day

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that’s that…


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