Information overload!!!

Things are currently crazy at work so I don’t have a lot of time for Blogging in between arranging functions and my days for birthdays.

I feel the need to update you on what has been happening so I will hunger you out for the information…

A little bit of what is to come:

Amandalynn is turning 5 tomorrow so a big party post

Big girl party

Ethan turned 2 and had an awesome party at McDonalds

Ethan’s 2nd bithday party

Building an apartment has an update, but thats a surprise

Building an Apartment – Part 3 – The Building process has begun!!!!

Finally got a court date for Hannes for maintenance as well as him suing me for parental rights but that will have to be a couple of posts

I organised my first Strauss Daly function – it rocked!

Friday Function!!!

I might be starting to date

My life in a Nutshell

So I hope you are hungry because you’ll have to wait until wednesday to get the first post…

And that’s that…


10 thoughts on “Information overload!!!

    • My dear Token friend you can see from your desk how busy I am – You dont smoke so when should I find the time to chat to you? And its not like I’m getting married!!! I might be going on a date…


  1. WOW – sounds like you had an insane week!
    Cant wait for the catch up on Wednesday 🙂

    The pics on Facebook for A’s birthday looked awesome!


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