Ethan’s 2nd Birthday

He is my little boy! I always say that when I have another child it must be a girl because I already have a little boy.

Saturday was the first time that he got to stay with me all on his own. He had a blast! He is very attached to his mommy Tara but the minute she was out the door he did ask for her every 10mins but when I told him that she will be back soon he continued playing.

The kids having lunch before nap time:

Ok back to the point…

The little man turned 2 on 17 June 2011, exactly 2 years on the day that I found out that I was pregnant with Lorelai – imagine Tara is in labour and I’m out getting a blood test done because I might be pregnant!!!

I have been waiting for almost a month to blog about my little man and the fact that he turned 2 – I felt it was only fair that his mother gets to blog about it first, but she took to long, so I’m as you say jumping the gun here.

He had a McDonalds birthday party. He loved the fact that all the attention was on him (or than it usually is). Lorelai just wanted every body else’s food. Poor child you would swear she does not get normal food.

The kids had a ball!!! The were not to keen on getting into the tubes at the play area so you can just geuss who had to climb in and transport them from point A to B.

Some pictures of the day

Tara and my little man Ethan (yes I know he is your child but he is my little man)

Lorelai and Tara having a conversation, I actually think she is staring at the Ben 10 cupcakes that were out on display…

Ethan loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to him, Tara practiced with him for about a month before the party so he was ready for the hiep hiep hooray part. Isn’t he the cutest little boy ever?

He did not want to wear a hat – so his aunty Charlotte got called in to save the day. I told him to put it on and smile and he did. I have a way with children (other people say children fear me) but I prefer calling it a way with children.

Proudly wearing his Big boy birthday hat.

Here I come with baby on my lap – she was hooked after the first time round.

There are perks to being tiny – this was not one of it.

Standing in the corner like a naughty child. She was a bit shy

My big boy blowing out his candle…

Besides having to bribe Ethan into wearing his hat – Lorelai loved hers!!!

It was an awesome day!!!

Congrats on your little man being to cute and finally a year older… Remember when he disappears I did not take him


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