Moomie mothers and why I heart them…

We are organizing a Moomie meet again and we complety got lost in the organizing… that this went kind da funny…

Here is a bit of snipet….

C: I will probably bring my two girls, and not C, he might be too big for this…. at this rate, we should get a jumping castle for the kids …… and a magician ….. and a ball pond ……..

B: I think 10 kids will cut it for a jumping castle. We can see it as an investment.

D: Well I can get us a jumping castle with a ball pond on it… And get some of my guy friends to entertain the small ones while we chat

E: I can also bring a small jumping castle – just not sure who will set it up (not me). If there is space, it might be nice to have 1 for the smaller kids and 1 for the bigger, wilder kids??

B: I have a kiddy pond but no balls. That sounds horrible

F: I have balls!  (Sounds even more horrible, B lol)

B: Who is blowing up the kiddy pond? Because I have no pump, it needs to be done with the mouth.

C: I am not sure how you guys have managed to make a ball pond and toy balls sound seedy and sexual, but somehow you have …. Well done!!!  It is quite an achievement ….. I am super proud of you guys.

F: C, I think your imagination is running wild!

C: I just want to watch B use her MOUTH to blow up the BALL pond, because, well you know, she does not have a PUMP or her pump is broken …..  I feel like I am at one of those awkward social things where one person finds everything funny, and no one else is laughing …..

F: Eish, irony doesn’t always work in cyberspace.  No worries, C, I’m laughing with you.  So how are we going to blow up the darn ball pond now?

B: RM we are all laughing, it is funny. I’m not using my mouth to blow it up maybe we should all take turns?  Or I can use the automatic big PUMP thing my DAD has to blow it up with at home, but then we need a bakkie to transport it.

E: Now this is just going horribly wrong and fast. Now we taking turns using our mouths!!? Seriously B? Or we can use your dad’s BIG PUMP!??

B: I wish I could but it is a big as a small car!!! So not possible.

D: Naughty girls.  I have an electric pump at home, we can use that

C: This is the best moomie get together ever – someone bringing their DAD’s big pump, someone suggesting we all take turns with our MOUTHS, and then finally someone offering to bring their PUMP (which might be a breast pump) to sort out the BALL situation.  If we keep this up we might have to do a puppet show and a mime just to keep us further entertained!!

C: When I suggested we DO a puppet show and a mime, I did mean we GET …. Because no one really wants to DO a mime ……. EVER….. or a puppet show ……. I can’t imagine ever DO’ING a mime …. However someone who does not talk to you during sex might be quite useful now that I think of it. ….. Imagine the orgasm he can fake …… but without sound …… Okay, I am going to stop typing now …. What the hell is wrong with me today???!!

B: Oh my word ladies thanks for letting me wake up and have a good laugh!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to meeting all you crazy people.  Kids will be joining

A: I am missing for one morning and look at how out of hand you girls become.  Okay so where are we at? Pumps, balls, wine and I am not sure if we are having a mime or not???? Are we sure kids should be at this meet?

Okay so not all the chats on moomie goes something like this, but a lot of them tend to go off track. It always happens when you are having a bad day, like some1 knew you need a bit of cheering up. That day!!!


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