Getting use to my child having two homes…

The first time that Lorelai’s grandparents (Hannes’s parents) she was 4 months old, they loved her immediately. We had a great weekend on the farm, Amandalynn had a ball and I could see my children spending every vacation on the farm. Things did not really or out the way I wanted it to.

A year later her grandfather had a big birthday and Hannes asked if he could take her to the farm for the weekend, without me! The farm is in Gauteng and I am in Cape Town, can you see the problem I can have with that.

All I wanted to say was NO NO NO, but couldn’t.

I just had to say yes. See Hannes mother is sick and I have this fear that if I say no because I will mss her too much, that she will miss out on time with her grandmother. Weirdo right?

So she left on a plane with her father and I missed her immediately. I phoned abut 3 times before than plane even took of.

the weirdo in me sent in an sms about 20min after that plane was suppose to take off, so I can get a delivery report when the phone is within range even before they land. Yes again I’m a weirdo. I got my delivery report and gave it 40min and then called. They we loading the bags in the car.

I missed my little car so much that I phoned every morning, noon and night. For the 2 days that she was there.

My little girl has a ball of time.

Her cousin is 3 months older that she is…little Wiko, instead of playing with him, she preferred playing with the maids’ son.

Note there are a lot of pictures and I have placed them all, because I cannot decide which ones are best.

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