Supper Supreme – the one you have been waiting for…

I don’t have my own kitchen as the building proses has not started, but that is another post. Back to dinner…

so last night my mother did not feel like cooking so I had to make supper, I had options chicken, chicken or eggs on toast, I did not feel like egg on toast so I decided on chicken. Now my all tie favourite is my Sunday lunch chicken, I have post about that (post link)

I found this awesome sauce by knorr called chicken and mushroom pan. The recipe says to use chicken strips but I use the pieces. So I work according to the system of how much m hands drop in the pot, so hold on tight you might have to adjust some things.

<Note we are 6.5 people in the house>

Grab large pot (I have this nice big pot, ideal for potjies)

Little bit of oil of yur choice in the pot to cook chicken.

Brown chicken in pot, it does not have to be cooked

Cut 2 onions and place on top of chicken

1 tin of mushroom, yes I did not plan so I was out of fresh mushrooms

Mix it all together

Leave it to cook for as long as it takes you to do the next part of the process.

Pour 250ml water over chicken

Pour 250ml milk over chicken

Pour sachet of sauce powder over chicken

Stir in, put lid on, put stove on low

Check about every 5 min until chicken is cooked, it took about 20min for my 16 pieces

As the chicken is done, put veggies of your choice on top – preferably big pieces

Put lid back on and simmer over a low heat until veggies are cooked.

And serve…

I served mine with rice but you can do whatever…


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