Amandalynn @ Cape garden Centre (2/3)

Because Amandalynn could not go with Lorelai to Gauteng this weekend, we took her to Cape garden Centre to have some fun.

Amandalynn has always been scared of everything (more my fault as I am scared of most things) her godmother (I know that I have already introduced you to mstaralaing but my daughter is special she has 2 godmothers and a godfather) back to the point, her godmother loves horses and she has always said that before she can walk Amandalynn will be riding.

That never happend, My daughter had this fear of horses each time I tried but on Sunday she could not wait and as her godmother is in America at the moment she told me to take pics and send it to her.

Here is my little girl on her first horse ride:

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4 thoughts on “Amandalynn @ Cape garden Centre (2/3)

  1. Just thought I would stop by and say hello!
    You have a wonderful daughter. 🙂
    May I just say that you have an inner strength that seems to shine through.
    I’ll be back to


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