Children will eat anything…

Yesterday morning we had our usual dash to get out of the house and Lorelai was as always waiting for us in the lounge because she cannot understand why we take so long in the morning when she made it very clear that she wanted to leave ALREADY!

My child loves her day mother and would any day give me up to live with her.

You know that feeling you get inside when things are just a little bit to quite and you know something horrible is happening (more like my child is doing something horrible) To be honest I was busy getting everything ready so we could leave the house so I did not have the time to go and look, honestly what can she get up to that early in the morning?

Nest thing I know Lorelai is choking, I run to the lounge, call for her and asked her what is in her mouth (she is still gagging at this point) she lifts up her arms and says “kla” (finished) but then gags again.

My brother who is in the dinning room building a puzzle (yes I’m running around like crazy and this little man, okay 15 year old, is sitting and building a puzzle) mentioned that maybe she ate some dog shit.

My mind is going and on the other side of the room I see the dog shit on the floor. The horror!!!

With her last gag a big piece of shit fell out of her mouth. I had no time to go back to the bathroom to brush her teeth so I grabbed her tooth paste and got in the car.

When I dropped her at the day mom, she did not get a kiss and before the day mother could kiss her I told her to first brush because she had sit for breakfast.

There was a 50% chance that the “shit” on the floor could have been chocolate but unfortunately it was not.

<this is not my daughter but a random google image>

And that is that…


13 thoughts on “Children will eat anything…

  1. Eeeeuw! 😆 That settles it – my kid is not getting a dog for a very looooong time. 😉

    PS! I see a bit of deworming in your future…

    PPS! also excellent material for blackmail when she starts dating by the way. 😀


    • Louisa

      Yes deworming this weekend and then again in 6 weeks!!!

      OOOOhhhh I did not even think of the blackmail, will keep that in mind for 10 years from now, because who would want to kiss POO mouth!


  2. ah don’t worry. it could happen to any parent! We have had many bad parenting moments which we can mostly look back on now and have a giggle about.
    I guess the dog is banished from the house now 😉


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