Amandalynn’s Milestones

I’m the type of parent that likes to know if my children’s milestones are met and even if they are not it is okay. Amandalynn will be 5 in June and here are her milestones. They have been copied from a very awesome website ( – Growth Milestones 5 years

“Leaving the Nest”

School Readiness (Kindergarden)

Amandalynn has been in a Crèche since the age of 2 so she is okay with the system.

  • Has self-care skills (dressing, feeding, washing, manages bathroom needs). – Check
  • Follows directions and rules. Pays attention for short periods of time to adult-directed tasks. – Check
  • Able to work independently for short periods. – Check
  • Tolerates frustration and failure. – Check
  • Knows his or her full name as well as the name of his or her parents. – Check
  • Easily makes changes and accepts adult supervision and help. – Check
  • Able to play in small groups with other children. – Check
  • Begins to share with others. – Check
  • Listens to stories without interrupting. – Hell no, okay maybe only when she feels like it.
  • Recognizes rhyming sounds. – Check
  • Speaks clearly with age-appropriate language skills; Talks in complete sentences of five to six words. – Check, she does way more than 5 or 6 words, she does to languages.
  • Understands that actions have both causes and effects. – Check
  • Shows understanding of general times of the day. – Check
  • Cuts with scissors. – Check
  • Holds crayon or marker; has a collection of paper, pencils, and crayons. – Check
  • Separates from parents without being upset. – Check
  • Looks at pictures and then tells stories. – Check
  • Is able to recognize authority. – Check
  • Identifies some alphabet letters and most colors. – Check
  • Buttons shirts, pants, coats and zips up zippers. – Check, she can’t tie her shoe laces, but we are working on that.
  • Recognizes groups of one, two, three, four and five objects. – Check
  • Sorts similar objects by color, size and shape. – Check
  • Recognizes some common sight words like “stop.” – Check
  • Counts to 10. – Check, she can count till 30 and not just like a parrot, but she understands what the amount of 30 is.
  • Uses words like bigger, smaller or heaviest to show comparison. – Check
  • Rides a tricycle. – Does her bicycle with training wheels count?
  • Draws a picture of herself or himself including head, body, arms and legs. – Check, stick figures?
  • Knows her or his body parts. – Check
  • Understands concepts such as: in, out, under, on, and off, front and back. – Check
  • Follows through when you give him or her one or two directions. – Amandalynn has a problem with this, as she gets distracted easily. No more than 2 instructions at a time.
  • Attempts to write his or her name. – Check, she can write the entire name, the letters just look a bit funny, but that is why we have a tutor to help with this.
Parenting and Behavioral

  • By the end of this year many 5-year-olds can recognize simple words and may even be reading. Praise your child’s progress. – Am I pushing my child by getting her a tutor that started to teach her how to read and write as of January this year? She loves it and feels oh so proud each time she learns something new.
  • A 5-year-old is usually imaginative and has lots of energy. Be sure to praise children. Building self-esteem is very important at this age. Give your child encouragement and praise not only for completing a task but also while working on the task. Avoid physical punishment – it only promotes fear and guilt and teaches the child that violence is acceptable in certain situations. Instead, send the child to a quiet, boring place without anything to do for five minutes as a form of discipline. – Sending Amandalynn to time out is like shaving her head!!! She hates it, but it works well. She hates not being included.

  • Skips, can walk on tiptoes and jumps forward. – Check
  • Throws a ball overhand. – We need to work on this one, underhand and Aim is a little off
  • Washes and dries hands and brushes teeth unassisted. – Check
  • Can cut and paste. – Check
  • Can name four or five colors. – Check
  • Can state his or her age. – Check
  • Has a vocabulary of six to eight word sentences. – Check
  • Can tell a simple story. – Check
  • Can dress and undress without supervision. – Check
  • Knows his or her own phone number, address and several nursery rhymes. – OMG, so need to work on this one, she knows her address and several nursery rhymes but not the phone number, I have actually forgotten about this one.
  • Can copy a triangle from a picture. – Check
  • Draws a person with a head, body, arms and legs. – Check
  • Understands right and wrong, fair and unfair. – Check
  • Understands games that have rules. – Check
  • Engages in make-believe and dress-up play, in which your child may assume a specific role (“mommy or daddy”). – Check

Okay so Amandalynn is well on the way to age 5 milestones. So proud of my little girl. She has gone from being a toddler just a couple of weeks ago into a little girl. It amazes me daily how quickly she is growing and how time is passing. In just over 18 months my little princess will be going to Grade 1. The idea of her going to “BIG” School scares the Shit out of me but she is already excited.

And that’s that…


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