Little Scraps…

My last couples of posts have been very deep and emotional currently (as in today) I’m feeling a bit better. My life has not fallen in to place, I’m probably the only idiot that wishes on a star to solve everything as in right NOW, but seeing that life does not happen that way, I’m slowly working towards fixing me.

Little updates on life in my lane…

The owner of my and Hannes’s apartment, has finally approved people to move in there as of the end of this month. It’s one less thing that I have to sit and worry about and it feels kinda good. The next battle will be to get my half of the deposit out of Hannes. I already have plans for the money now I just hope that I can get the it. My options are as follows:

1 – Buy a Blackberry. I mean I want and NEED one. My online life will be much simpler with it and almost everyone I know has one, so that means communication will also be easier.

2 – Buy a Laptop – Obvousily the deposit wont be enough to pay for the entire thing, but I’m sure I can find a little extra cash some where, save for a month or 3 and then buy it, but isn’t it worth the wait? I’m going to start studying soon so will need a pc to be able to do my assignments. I live in a house with 2 pc’s and a laptop, but having to borrow them every time I want to do something is a pain in the ass.

3 – Buy plan tickets for me and the kids to go visit Hannes’s parents over Christmas. Crazy right. I want to do this for Lorelai and his parents as I feel she deserves to have a relationship with them and they with her. There is no way in hell that I will spend Christmas without my girls so if it means I have to spend it with him and his family to be with them I will. Then again his mother also offered to pay for the tickets, so I might just go with that option.

4 – Buy the things for my house that I need.

Lorelai gave me the entire fever at 41 scare on Sunday (till this day I cannot understand that I was completely cool and calm when Amandalynn was little and so often very sick, but with Lorelai I turn into a complete nut case) we rushed her to hospital. I had a couple of days of antibiotics and high fevers, but all is well again and she is doing great.

Amandalynn has decided that ballet is not her sport of choice and still cannot understand why she cannot do drummies for Brackenfell Junior Drummie Club. This child makes my heart very happy.

Amandalynn at her first Ballet Concert 2010

The Club she wants to do Drummies for but you have to be in Grade 1.

  Ironically it is also the club I trained in 2008 and the primary school team to the best high school team in the WORLD. Oh I’m the one in black in the front with the short hair. 

Sadly enough I doubt that Lorelai will share our love for this sport, but I also believe that for the 3 years that her sister does it before she goes to school, she will learn to love the sport. Am I dreaming?

Work has been hectic as usual, but I love it. So not much to report on that side. Also end April is bonus month, I doubt I’ll get anything, but one can dream.
I had a a-ha moment last week on the train, I was reading one of the many blogs I’m subscribed to, I finally figured out why I get so annoyed with Amandalynn. It’s not because she is weird or different it is because she is me, exactly like me.

Just not as loud.

On a more disgusting note, our dogs are as good as dead when I finally get them pinned down and killed. Got home on Wednesday night with the bathroom smelled like pee, firstly I was under the impression that a random cat came in and pee’d on the counter, but when I investigated a bit further both bathroom mats were covered. Some insane person (my 22 year old brother who is at home everyday) must have either fallen asleep or not taken them out or he went out and left them inside. But in the end it all comes down to the same thing. I had to clean it. It was horrible and I want to kill him and his dogs. Okay that was me bitching a bit.
My weekend was truly awesome, for the Friday night I went to Tara as usual. I got to her house and the place was filled with smoke, my first thought was that Eugene tried to cook and it burning the place down to or Tara has taken a liking to Weed? But no the wood was horrible and smoked up the entire place. Lorelai was sleeping when I got there and continued to sleep until 01:30 the morning that Tara took me home. It was a great evening of little wine, lost of coffee and great company. Thanks again girl.

Saturday I had great plans for the day, I was going to spend the morning childless packing and moving the last of my things out of Hannes’s apartment. Plans changed on the last minute and I could not go and get it. Instead I spring cleaned and at 2 went to a kiddy’s party.

Sunday was Hugo’s birthday and we had a great time. We left the house at 10:30 and I only got home at 20:00 last night. Needles to say I’m as sick as a dog and it is not even alcohol induced.

Now you can see how boring my life is without all the damn drama… What did you get up to?

And that’s that…


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