How’s gravity been treating you?

Learning the Universal Laws (and how to use them) was the big aha that Bob Proctor gave me when I started using his material years ago. I’ll never forget him saying “This is an orderly universe; nothing happens by accident” and I instantly knew that was some very powerful wisdom.

The Universe operates by a set of laws where success is just as certain as gravity because they both are governed by Universal laws. You didn’t have to become an expert to make gravity work for you, and you don’t have to be an expert to make the laws of success work for you. But you do have to know how to put them into action (and you of course must do that).

Several years ago Bob told me that the biggest thing that kept most people from making the law of attraction work for them is they didn’t realize it’s just one law (and part of a bigger universal law). If you’re violating or ignoring the other laws, you’ll likely not be successful in attracting the kind of things you want into your life.

But if you understand the laws.

If you make them work for you, just like you can make gravity work for you.

Then you’ll see HUGE things happen in your life!

Bob told me that one day he was going to do a teaching on the major laws of the universe and how to use them, and I’m happy to report you can now download the 11 Forgotten Laws.

Here’s a tiny peek at what you can do with these laws:

* A 1,000 year-old ancient Talmud secret that can steer you clear of materialism and set you on the path to true riches. (Find it in the Law of Thinking)

* Get the Golden Touch-by making bone-headed mistakes? Directions for repositioning boners and transforming them into bounty. (learn in the Law of Receiving)

* “His sight was getting poor, but his vision has never been better”. The step-by-step blueprint to set crystal-clear goals and achieve them. (Go to the Law of Thinking)

* A simple yet powerful method to create effectual employees and agreeable colleagues. (Grab it from the Law of Increase)

* The magic golden key to realizing all the dreams you ever had. PLUS: It also works to boost self-esteem, emotional freedom, and spiritual fulfillment, (The Law of Compensation teaches you that!)

* Why a tiny stream is the starting point to rivers of abundance. How you can learn from nature’s life system to experience greater prosperity (See the Law of Non-Resistance)

* Is guilt corroding your insides like acid? Here’s a mental substance that acts like alkali and washes you clean. (Law of Forgiveness)

Put these 11 Forgotten Laws to work in your life at a phenomenal bargain if you act today. Check it out here.

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