A lot has happened and changes have been made the last couple of months, I was retrenched (The Long Good Bye.) and my relationship ended (Facebook Relationship Status.), I move back to my parents with my two children. I’m trying to find myself again.

I found a job at a law firm in town (My New Job.). The job is awesome and it keeps me so busy that I don’t even have the time to think about the crap that has been going on in my personal life. It’s not the best salary, but for someone who did not care about that fact, a job means that I could at least pay for what my kids need.

Like I’ve said I’m happy, distracted happy. My parents are building us an apartment (Building an Apartment – Part 2.) with the money they are borrowing they (my mother without my fathers knowledge) she wants me study.

I want to study; I want to better myself to be able to give a better life for my children. I don’t ever want to be depended on a man again. I want to be able to provide for my children, me, I want to be able to give them everything they might ever need. I want to say want, but their needs are more important than the wants.

Back to the cross road…

My family as decided or gotten the idea in their heads that I need to study law. Ill is great at it, I have the perfect OCD work mind and my boss does want me to do it after 3 months of working there. Don’t get me wrong I’m good at what I’m currently doing, I’m a fast leaner and I pride myself in the fact of the amount of information that I have taken in and what I am able to do. My boss is good to me and she makes me feel like I’m an asset to the company even if my salary currently does not reflect that. My standard of work is at the same level of someone who has been doing it for about a year.

For the last month I’ve been thinking is this enough for me?

I’ve been missing the publishing industry. I miss the rush of deadlines; I miss working so hard on a project and in the end after the stress and everything else is over, you have this shiny book of paper to show for it.

Oh my feck I’m a crazy person. Am I making any sense?

Do I start looking for another job in publishing and work my way up form the bottom, study to help the process and be truly happy.

Or, I can stay were I am, study law, become a lawyer and eventually I might be happy in the law profession.

Any advice on how I should handle this or what I should do?



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