Awesomeness that was the weekend…

My weekend started out slowly and it was just the way I liked it!!!

Friday night Lorelai gave me her first official fright of my life, I was busy in the bedroom doing something I can’t even remember what, when I heard my mother calling from the dinning room. I took my time to get there as always (you know how at the age of 24 you still get that shiver down your spine when your mother calls your name in a certain tone). We I got there Lorelai was standing on the dinning room table.

Me: What the hell is she doing on the table?

Mother: I found her there.

Me: What do you mean you found her there?

Amandalynn: Mommy, she climbed on herself I saw it happen.

Me: Amandalynn why did you not call me?

Amandalynn: I was busy drawing.

I did not know what to say, so just told her to call me in future so her sister does not get hurt. That child of mine is a little wild thing.

Off we went at about 18:30 to go visit my dad in hospital. He has Cytomegalovirus, it sound worse than it is.  (here is link for the information ) or at least the doctor thinks he does, it is one of those things that you cannot really treat and it cause pain in all your joints which is kind of horrible. But he also has Gout so the doctors are treating him for that as the symptoms are pretty much the same. My dad is not a person who takes of work or even when he is sick, he will take a pill and continue with life. He was taken up on Friday morning for major pain and came out Sunday afternoon. He looks bad, suddenly my father looks old.

Saturday was a bit hectic, my mother is a bit of a freak, every Saturday is cleaning day, and yes you clean everything that you did the Saturday before, remove bedding, move everything and clean under and over. We were busy most of the day. My family pops in whenever so half way my uncle came to visit, for us as the children in the house that means a break from being in slavery. My children thinks that when mommy has cleaned a area it is the time to mess it up again, Amandalynn is easy to handle and luckily Lorelai was by her dad for the day, so what I cleaned stayed clean. At least until she got home.

I have no idea where I got my messy child from. (Those of you, who know me, please do not comment!!!!)


This year is a big year for all my friends as we are all turning 25! Saturday night we had Tara’s birthday party (Check her out in my sidebar @ mstaralaing) and she has not done a blog post about and I’m very disappointed!

Any how…

I arranged a date for me for the night as I don’t like going to parties and things on my own. My date ended up not going because he had a slight case of gastro and could not eat. So I got all dressed up to go out with my friends for my dear friend’s birthday party.

We went to Trinity in Cape Town as we are now all grown up and need to have adult parties.

The food was amazing!!!! We had such a great time at dinner. I had sushi and steak and will definitely go there again. We were 14 people and the bill came to about R2000 which isn’t bad if you think about what we ate. During dinner we went up to the club (its upstairs) to go and have a siggy. I asked the hostess if we cold possibly book a table for later in the evening as we are having dinner downstairs and we are a big group. The oober friendly lady smiles and tells me that it would not be a problem and if we know how the tables work.

I’m thinking, it’s a table we drink, how hard can it be? I was so wrong. You have to have a minimum of R4000 table serves when booking a table, if it is less you will then just have to pay the difference. I was shocked, actually not that shocked as they charge R998 for a bottle of Moët. We cancelled that booking as quickly as we tried to make it.

The club is very much drum and bass, so most of the people did not really enjoy the music, but Tara and I had a ball. The place was awesome.

Me and my bestie Tara

I tried to get everyone involved and eventually we all move up the road to Jade (more R&B, hip hop) but again it was myself, Bernie and Tara enjoying the music and that was that. Everyone left and 4 of us remained, back to Trinity then?

We danced for a bit and about 02:00 we headed home. Thanks Tara for including me in this awesome birthday, I had a great time.

Sunday I felt like death. I’m not use to going out and coming in all hours of the morning. Lorelai is an early bird so sleeping late was not an option. I spent the day with my family, my mother’s sister came to visit and my dad came home from hospital.

All and all the weekend was great!!!

And that’s that…


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