The ABC’s of Feelings (Teaching your child to identify feelings)

I love this womens blog, she always has really education and interesting things for all ages. The newest post really got me thinking about my child and her emotions.


I know what you’re thinking:  I’m a broken record with the feelings thing.  You’re probably right.  My poor little kiddos have to live with me; imagine how they must feel!  In my defense, I have a four year old who is able to verbalize the following:  “Mommy I feel frustrated and I can’t calm myself down.  I need your help!”  I also have a two year who can verbalize the following:  “I’m just feeling a little bit sad today, Mommy.  I just need to cry for a minute.”  While my heavy focus on teaching children to identify and verbalize their feelings early might seem a bit much at times, it seems that it does work.

In a recent Twitter chat with a like-minded professional I dared to “whisper” that teaching identification of feelings might actually be more valuable than teaching the ABC’s when it comes to toddlers and preschoolers.  After going back and forth a bit, we came up with the following plan:  We can teach them at the same time!  Sometimes simplicity is genius.  Below is my version of what I know think of as “The ABC’s of Feelings”:

A is for Anxious when I worry but don’t know why

B is for Bashful when I feel a little shy.

To read more of this post: The ABC’s of Feelings (Teaching your child to identify feelings).


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