Fun to me might just be boring to you…

There comes a point in your life when “FUN” no longer means clubbing, being out til 4am. It means movies, going out for family dinners, bedtime stories, and sleeping at 8pm. Becoming a parent doesn’t change you … It makes you realize that the little people you created deserve the best of your free time! I’m PROUD to be a parent and LOVE my “Boring” life.

This was floating around on facebook a while back and I just could not help but seeing my entire life in it. I have had loads of discussions (more like them judging and me explaining that they wrong) to some of my child-free-friends, about how I have changed and how boring I have become since I have had children.

Today I want to tell you I’m not boring I’m a parent. That means your life is not really yours anymore. You think of your children and their needs before you think of your own, that’s if you have money left over.

My children come first, always. I’m happy with spending nights at home watching them sleep and making sure that they are happy. Seeing them happy makes me happy.

And that’s that…


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2 thoughts on “Fun to me might just be boring to you…

    • Ameena – you are offcially the first person to every in my life tell me something is well written. I’m absulutly over the moon. You are offcially awesome and my new favourite reader. (Sorry Tara)


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