Building an Apartment – Part 2

The building process has kind of come to a stand still.

We need to find the “shit” Sewerage Line (Thanks to Tara I now have the correct word) at the bottom of the property as the municipality is convinced that there has to be one.

They gave my father an idea of where to dig, added in that he has to dig the hole 2 meters up, down, left and right from where they indicated and about 1.5 meters deep. It took them 1 week to make a huge hole in our front yard and they found nothing.

Finally the municipality came out and said they will install one, the catch is because we have one at the back of the property (no we cannot connect the 2 as the pipes cannot run uphil) is is going to cost us R5000 for them to come install it and about another R4000 for us to finish it. So much fun building I tell you.

My father has finally finished the ceiling in the back room so we can now look up and not just see the roof. It looks very nice.

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And that’s that…


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