10 Things I cannot live without

I got this idea a while back from a another blog that I love: Life or something like it ( http://lifeatthegreenys.wordpress.com/ )

1. My children. I love them with all my heart and soul. Some days I feel like taking them out but most days they fill my life with so much joy and happiness I cannot imagine life without them.

2. Chocolate. Yes I have stolen this directly, but what women can life without this?

3. My cell phone. The odd days I forget my phone at home I feel naked without it. I need o have it at all times. My parents think I’m crazy, I believe it is because of the generation gap.

4. My parents and grandparents. The last almost 6 years of my life have been one big roller coaster ride. I have had my family by my side and I am truly lucky to have them. I would have been booked into an institute by now or even worse. (Just a random picture with the words parents on it.)

5. Scaredmom (My blog). This is my little piece of online heaven. The place where I’m the boss, I get to express myself and say what I need to say to make it through the day.

6. My friends. Or more specifically one friend. She is my rock (I actually think I have said this before in one of my trips down memory lane) she helps me make it another day by just listening to all my crap. Thank you my dear friend (Sorry girl you son is much good looking so I took a picture of him instead lol)

7. Moomie (maybe this should go in the same section as my blog, but It’s on its own now) an online forum for moms, by moms. I have been on Moomie for about a year now and I cannot imagine my life without it. I have made some very special friends and even an enemy or 2 but who cares. My life seems fuller when I get to talk to other moms handling and dealing with the same things I do daily.

8. Work. I love working. I love the feeling that I’m contributing to society in my own way (okay the corporate way) but it makes me feel like even if I’m a mom I’m more, I mean so much more, than just someone’s mom.

9. Cigarettes. Horrible habit I know, but I cannot live without it at his time in my life. I need it, it lowers my stress level. I need that now.

10. My readers – okay so here I mention my blog again (I really need to get over this lol) when I started this blog it was never so that people can read it and even now still it does not matter that only one person reads it ever, but the helpful, encouraging comments and emails hat I have received. Have actually really changed my life.

So what are the 10 things you cannot live without? Blog about it, include my link for where you got the idea and leT me know so I can read it.

And that’s that…


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2 thoughts on “10 Things I cannot live without

  1. Great post – your 10th point made me laugh – when I first started blogging it was just for myself but now, I honestly love clicking on the dashboard to see if I have any comments or new visitors to the site – it makes me feel as though I might be helping someone a little out there!

    Oh – thanks for the mention – it brought a few clicks to my page 🙂


    • Lauren I love it. I cannot wait to see if anyone has anything to say about what i’ve done. i love looking at the stats to see all the wonderful little online place where random people decided to come and check out my blog. I’m starting to think the peeps on twitter think I’m insane, but I tweet everything, sometimes more than once.

      I feel horrible for not having the time to do a decent post. I’ve started so many but never get around to finishing them.

      Pleasure about the clicks, I know you’ll return the favour one day 😉


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