As recently mentioned Lorelai has a really bad temper and is a bit violent (Advise about 13months old being violent.)

I kept thinking about how the changes in the last three weeks will/have affected Amandalynn and have completely forgot that it will affect Lorelai as well, maybe that is why her temper has gotten worse.

The evening started off well, she ate and played. Only hit Amandalynn once, but in her defense Amandalynn kept hugging and kissing her. Lorelai will give you one kiss and then she is done.

Had a talk with Amandalynn about her provoking her sister.

19:00 the tantrum started and as it was bath time; I took her straight away (a routine child takes a bit to get use to). She had a great time in the bath.

As always I’m an evil parent and it was time to get out of the bath. I told her that we need to get out know and she told me NO. Now obviously I ignored that comment and picked her up and dried her off, that’s when the hitting, kicking and screaming started. In my best-calmest-I-want-to-kill-you-but-will-not-show-it mommy voice I told her that “we don’t hit and kick and scream over nonsense mommy does not like it”. SILENCE (I’m thinking yeah it worked) but no she just took a breath to start again.

I took her to the bedroom to dress her and in between her rolling on the floor screaming I stopped, stared at her and decided to take a video

She calmed down a bit after that. 15min later was bed time and the tantrums started all over again. I put her in bed listen to her scream for 5min (felt like 7hours) and caved, YES people I caved.

Picked her up, had her running around for about 20min and then put her back to be, she closed her eyes and slept till this morning. Maybe she just was not tired the first time?

So I FAILED, so now I’m thinking why do I even try to be a calm mommy when it does not work?

* This was originally posted on Scaredmom’s Blog


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