Building an Apartment – Part 1

What a process to actually build an apartment (or should I call it a small house)

With the recent move back to my parents with the kids, they decided that I will not be moving again with the children as it is too much a disruption for the children.

My mother decided that they are now building an apartment in the side yard for me and the kids. It will increase the property value and when I decided to move and they retire they have an additional income.

So over the last month a lot has change with the building plans, it has moved from the side yard to the front yard. First at the bottom of the yard, then it moved to the top and attached to the hose. This will work out to expensive as the houses roof will then need to be removed and replace so it can all fit together. Finally it is at the top but away form the house.

Wednesday we went to go hand the pans in. All went well until they told us that our neighbors need to sign that they are okay will us building. We are friends with all our neighbors and they will all be fine with it. The actually problem is that the old man who lives across from us passed away in December and they want his signature. He was not married in community of property so his wife now needs to prove that she inherited the house and give us permission.

The problem with that plan is that she is on vacation for the next 2 months and now everything is on stand still until then.

And that’s that…


2 thoughts on “Building an Apartment – Part 1

  1. My mother cornered my father about the signing of the neighbours last night and he is starting tonight. The agency that is selling her house will contact her and ask if it is okay if they give us her number. The best part about that is, she will say yes because she gave it to us before she left and my dad misplaced it.


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