Lorelai was 1 on 27 January and my little princess has turned into a little tantrum queen. I know they go through stages where they cannot really express what they want and because of frustration they tend to throw a tantrum or two, which I can live with. I ignore her and walk away or deal with whatever might be bothering her.

Her new thing for the last month is smacking us. If you say no or anything she does not like she smacks. I have tried removing her from the situation and smacking her hand and giving her a firm no, but nothing seems to help.

I have spoken to her day mother about this and she says that the little boy Kyle and Lorelai abuses each other the entire day every day, she has tried separating them, hidings, and everything and nothing works.

Saturday we stopped at the shop to get bread and milk and I left the kids in the car with my parents, Lorelai started screaming blue murder and Amandalynn (age 4) tried to comfort her sister and Lorelai smacked her across the face with her toy phone (Amandalynn now has a bump on her forehead) my mother almost smacked her hand off and we hoped that it would be the end of hitting but not as soon as we got to Tara house Lorelai hit her sister again.

I don’t know what to do anymore, her father does not allow her to do it (at least one thing we agree about) so what do I do, How do I put an end to this temper that she has?

* This was originally posted on Scaredmom’s Blog


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