Saying Goodbye

So today is a very sad day for me as I had to say goodbye. No-one likes saying good bye, its horrible.

When you say good bye to your children when dropping them off in the morning, they understand that you will be back later to pick them up.

Saying goodbye to a loved one after either a horrible or expected death you are sad for all the things you still wanted to say and do, but you mourn and you go on with life, but with them always in your memories.

Today I had to say goodbye to me dear Hassie (my cat)

So for those of you who are new to my little space in the world let me tell you about her:

She is the most loving cat you will every meet, not just to her owners but to anyone, random people.

She is so good with children, Lorelai picks her up by the tail and bites on it and the cat does nothing. We have sat and watched this cat and she does not even move. If I remove Lorelai from her after doing this she will go back for more.

I always say Hassie (in English it means rabbit) the cat is part dog, because she will ask for food, sit and wait for it. Loves water. Yes this animal is weird but I also believe it is because her name confuses her.

Recently (8 Jan 2011) she had kittens, the most beautiful little things. She was such a good mom and she still is.

But back to the story…

I moved and I cannot take her with me so I had to find a new home for her.

An Angel (yes this is what the women is) contacted me a day or 2 after I put up the advert and offered to take he, as she knows how difficult it is to find homes for adult cats.

So for the last 2 weeks I have known that today is the day she is coming to fetch her. I was under the impression I will be fine, I can handle this.

But the minute the lady phoned and said she was infront of the gate and I phoned my x-mother in law (another long story) to open up for her and give the cat to her, I was a mess, I still fele the tears building up as I think about it. It broke my heart!!!

It feels like I gave away one of my children.

No to some who has had pets and tuly loved them, and made them apart of your daily lifes, will understand the feeling.

Fo the rest do not laugh or judge me it will make me cry even more..

Some pictures of my baby with her babies…


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