Update on the last week

Monday is the time where we all go out and share what we did over the weekend and the last week, on this little space of online world it’s not any different.

So last weekend we moved, Lorelai had a hard time on Monday when the time started to creep up to 18;30 (that was the time Hannes use to pick us up) she got very difficult and did the tantrums and the screaming. Hannes got there just after 19:00 and she was fine, he spent the night by him and when she was gone and Amandalynn asleep, I sat outside having a mini breakdown while drinking a glass of wine.

My little girl will never adapt to living in a new environment if she sleeps over by her dad so often. I realised that for the time being she needs to sleep in the same bed every night.

So the next day I sent him a email saying that she will for the time being no longer sleep over until she realises she stays with me and visits him. She will go to him every Wednesday night for 2 hours and on weekend Saturday 08:00 till 18:00 and the next weekend the Sunday. He was so upset and angry with me, but I understood it.

Wednesday his mother finally came to visit – yeah yeah yeah. Amandalynn was so damn excited to see Ouma Marietjie again. We also had our Moomie ladies night that night. It was awesome I loved every second of it!!!

Thursday Hannes came to fetch Lorelai and she did no want anything to do with his mother – I felt so bad, but it was normal, she has not seen her in 8 months. He obviously blamed it on me.

Saturday the kids and I spent the entire day with Ouma Marietjie and I was great. She asked me about everything about what went wrong, how I’m feeling about everything and I told her the truth. It felt great to be able to talk to her.

Sunday, Amandalynn had her first reading and writing class and it was great. My kids were more well behave than in a long time.

Hannes came to fetch them at 15:00 till 18:00. In that time I did about 5 blog posts, things I want to write about but never get the chance.


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