Amandalynn had her first reading and writing class today with my mother’s cousin.

So over the last couple of months I have had my fears that I am pushing her and that she will not be ready for such a big step. She is just 4 years old and school is only another 2 years away!!! But in actual fact she is almost 5 and before I get to finish this sentence the next 2 years will fly past and she will be in grade 1.

It was not an easy decision to have her start these classes so early!!!

The things that I feared was a) she will be bored by the time she starts school, b) be a problem for the teacher because she is a smart ass!!!

A good friend of mine’s mother is an occupational therapist and she has been looking at Amandalynn and evaluating her since birth, but according to her Amandalynn will not be a problem child, she will be fine.

After a lot of thinking I was ready for her to start these classes. Finally let Barnette know that Amandalynn is ready and guess what she no longer had the time to offer these classes. I was so upset and thinking maybe it is sign…

I decided F the sign I will be on your case until you are ready to make time. Every time she would comment about how she will be having a quiet Sunday all day to herself I would comment on how she could take an hour and spend it with my daughter.

Eventually she caved and agreed that she can see Amandalynn every Sunday for her classes.

I won I won!!!!

A couple of weeks went by as we waited for the books and information, and we finally got it and yesterday was her first class. Amandalynn did very well, she has started wit just her name and is practising the finer points of writing properly.

Barnette says that she is very keen and she is a good learner, but that was just class one and there will be many more, will have to wait and see.

Can you believe that this little face is almost 5 and learning to read a write…?


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