Down memory lane

With my recent relationship coming to and end, I have been looking at the past and thinking about everything trying to focus on the good and not the bad (as I’m writing this the tears are running down my cheeks as I’m heart broken, but that’s a story for another day.)

Some pictures from the day Lorelai was born…

… 27 January 2010

My second princess was born. Amandalynn was spending the day with my mother and did not want to come to the hospital.

We placed Lorelai on Amandalynn’s lap and she wanted nothing to do with her. She did not even want to touch her.


Horrible picture of me but I as in so much pain that trying to hold my baby and soothing her was no fun.



Isn’t she lovely?


Daddy’s little girl


Finally she got use to having a sibling and now she loves it. Just look at that little face. “I’m a proud big sister.”

So that was another tri down memory lane


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