Wednesday was the first real ladies night that I have had in for ever!!!!

So when we got there at first I felt a bit uncomfortable I felt judged because of my current relation ship status, but it was all in my mind.

The groups of ladies that I was spending the evening with were all awesome and as soon as the conversation started I did not feel judged at all.

The conversation was fun and educational all at the same time.

A couple of things that we learnt:

Government wastes a lot of money! – But most of us already knew that…

I must register to be an egg donor; my uterus is closed for production so I can just as well give my eggs away.

Apparently, a cat can have 1 litter of kittens with different sperm donors!!!

Even more shocking – so can humans!!!!

I realized that I was weird, because I have never been jazzed on in the train, but I have been flashed and I prefer the 45min train trip above 5min in the car.

A good husband makes you scones on a Saturday morning and help with children at all times, so you can watch TV from 19:30 till you go to bed.

But the most important lessons are:

1)     It is okay not to have everything done when hosting a dinner

2)     Giving your guests chores to do as they arrive and making them feel involved

It was awesome having it at someone’s house and not a restaurant as we got very loud and the environment was more open.

Thank you again Celeste ( for hosting this at you house.

I’m so looking forward to the next meet

* This was originally posted on Scaredmom’s Blog


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