Trip down memory lane

2001- Nationals Grade 9

Me and my bestie Nicol, Back when were only good enough to be apart of the squad

Alicia & Myself
What was I thinking?
Mr Anton Stadler, not only was he our trainer, he was also the Western Province trainer, as well as the National Team trainer. From the left Me, Samantha & Leoni


Mr Anton Stadler and his our Principal, Mr Ossie Theron. That man was legend!!! He loved his drummies so much.


Ready before we March

(From the left: Tessie, Myself, Angelique, Melissa & Nicol)


We scared a room we did everything together!!! We were the girls (or at least that was our impression of it.)


Myself & Nicol

(Amazing how young I look, and my skin looks better their than it does now!!!)


Carrie & Anton

(She use to drive this old Jeep and ever since the first day I layed my eyes on than car I wanted it!!!!)


2003 – Not big yet, but not so tiny either.


I was so proud of this uniform and flag, but this was the year that I forgot a full 3 sets of 8 in our display and looked like a total idiot, but we still won by a land slide!!!!





Colette a old brackenfell drummie who becaome our trainer… Love you cooles


2004 – Finally we were the IT girls, Matric here we come…


Im the tiny blur infront. lol



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