So my weekend was a bit hectic…

Friday night my good friend tara came to visit and help me pack over a glass or tooo of wine. I have to say there is nothing better than good company with even better wine…

After Tara left I was up unitl 4am to finish packing , went to bed to get 3hours of snooze in before the big move… My dad and brother showed up at about 9am to help and and we have everything packed and out by 13:00. I was so tired and in so much pain!!!! The unpacking at my moms went kinda quick but I still felt a bit lost and in a diffrent world.

Finally after what seemed like for ever, it was time to get done to go out.

How I managed you ask, who knows but I wasn’t going to cancel. ZI was just going to do it. I put on a party dress, did my hair and make upand for the first time in a very long time I felt like me, the real me. Tara picked me up and we took the long drive to Cubaba in Greenpoint.

It felt weird and wrong and oh so good being out again. I ordered a strwberry daquiri and tara had a spin, but there was a R7 prive diffrence that she was not very impressed about. We were meeting up with a friend of her and let me tell you, this girl has a awesome sense of humour. I had a ball of a time.

Eventually we looked like a couple of bar flies, due to the lack of dance floor anf decided to head up to a place, where I have never been, let alone never heard of, JADE.

When you walk into this place you are met by fairy light in a wonderful garden, it was pretty, we hit the stair and I got the red carpet treatment (yes I know every person that climbs those stairs gets it, but im special dammit) The place looks amazing and I fell in love with the look immediatly. Again tara opt for a cheaper option of drink and ordered a glass of wine, geuss what it was not that cheap!!!! a full R28 and we pay R25 for a bottle… I had to laugh.

We had a great time dancing and even if I did take alot of smoke/rest breaks I had a ball of a time.

Thanks girl this is what I needed…


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