Life Currently

 Update on my side: Lorelai is sick, nappies are an orange running mess, think its teething but she has the chest to go with the running stomach. I’m moving back to my parents tomorrow. I’ve hardly packed as I don’t know were to start, most of my things are going into storage until the apartment is done, not a secret anymore as I have to list it in a affidavit for the court (will share that info soon) even though I have not told Hannes about it. I feel that he does not need to know. But the packing is so confusing, I’m a bit of a hoarder as I cannot get rid of sentimental things so its difficult packing things away only to se them again is 6 months.

The guy who does the drawing finally did something that both my parents agree on so the 2 bedroom apartment is on its way. I love the feeling of knowing I would not have to move again soon unless I want to. It is great.

Picture of the flat:

Maintenance wise – he is now turning into one big asshole, the one day he’ll give no court the next day it’s “you’ll have to take me to court to see a sent”. So I’m going to court route because I cannot deal with his crappy moods. When it comes to visitation the kids obviously stay with me but I have contacted the court to find out how we can have it ordered with going to the high court. Apparently he has to apply for a parental rights and responsibilities contract or just go with what I say. I know him, he will never go and apply for it so I’m applying to have it put in writing and for that I need the affidavit that states everything including her breakfast, seriously they want all her details, her routine and what I want the visit to be lie and so on. What a mission luckily I’m working for a law firm so my boss will help with the aff.

My weekend is going to be hectic, Tara is coming over tonight to help me pack and practice my wine drinking (RM will be proud). Tomorrow is the big move and I only have a couple of hours to get things sorted because I have a girls night tomorrow and Tara (who by the way is my best friend, my rock and my children’s god mother) has threatened to kill me is I do and will take me out in my PJ’s if she has to. So I need to rush to unpack and get all pretty. Sunday morning is church and then Amandalynn’s cousins are coming to visit her… So busy busy busy weekend.


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