Facebook Relationship Status


So even if we broke up about a month ago and the kids and i are moving this weekend, i have not had the emotional energy to change my status on facebook.

I don’t know why it is so difficult it’s just a small little application on a social forum it should not matter that, much should it?

So last night something told me to check if he has changed the status of our relationship (yes i know its silly) but i was holding on to the last little bit of hope that he still loves me and maybe, just maybe there is hope. But when the page finally loaded his name was gone!!!

I was heart broken all over again and i felt like an idiot!!!!! Why does it matter? Why does it affect me so?

So my current facebook relationship status is empty as i don’t want to be listed as single and I’m not in a relationship.

Amazing that such a little thing can cause so much pain.

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