Baby names

Even before my daughters were born I knew what names they would get.

My first born daughter would be Amandalynn Charlotte

My first son: Thai Bernhardt

Second Daughter: Lorelai Catherine

But I never had a boy and some things changed….

When my first pregnancy arrived (yes I’m saying it like it was planned) I wanted it to be a girl more than anything and from day one her name was Amandalynn Charlotte.

A little bit of background on how I came up with her name: This was way back in 2003 (about 3 years before she was born) Nicol (a good friend of mine) and I were in biology class (yes I was still in school in 2003, grade 11 I think) and I as always did not feel like working so I started to play with names. Amanda is my grandmothers name, Madeline is my faviroute name and Charlotte is our family name and my first born had to have all those names but calling my daughter Amanda Charlotte Madeline does sound a bit off and long. So I started to play with the words and came up with Amandaline (it sounded a bit like a coke addict so I left it) changes the “line” to “lynn” and vola my first child had a name.

But one day her father decided that if her first name can be my grandmothers then her second name can be his mother’s “Nora” I was not impressed but will give in for the sake of having a happy family. So my little Amandalynn Charlotte turned into Amandalynn Nora. Now the best part you ask… Her full name and surname: Amandalynn Nora Coetzee (put the initials together and what do you get?)

Now for my second child the father did not like the names I had in mind so we made a deal, if its a boy he picks and if it is a girl I pick – I WON

No fuss, No Hassels. Lorelai Charlotte Nortje was born and her name did not change.

I’m now making peace with the fact that I might never had a little boy and I’m not really sure if I even want a boy, but when my cat had kittens i named the first born Thai and after a week decided to check the sex and it was a boy. lol


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