Unprofessional People

So I might not look like the most professional person you might know, and maybe I’m professional when I feel like it but some things are just not on in the work place….

Screaming at your co-worker because you are having a bad day or know that you are wrong…

SO lets start at the beginning…

I started my new job in Dec and the girl I work with and I do not get along very well, So I try to avoid her as much as possible and if possible not communicate with her if I really dont have to.

Today she took things of my desk, (printing, i sort all our printing and file what needs to be file and all of that) SO I KINDLY ASKED HER PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE FILLING OFF MY DESK (YES I DID IT IN MY MOMMY VOICE) she started screaming at me telling me that then I should do my own job and make sure my things are done and do my own filling as she cannot take care of all my work!!!

OMG – now this girl is not very well!!!

Firstly – I have children so if anyone will do any type of screaming it will be me!!!

Secondly  – We are in a office and you do not speak to me in that manner, you are not above me (not even the president will speak to me that way as I will probably smack him) you are my equal.

Thirdly – Do my work, OMG girl grow the hell up, why then take my filling, I will never in my life ask you to do anything for me so hows about you leave my work alone and do yours that you so nicely F*uck up daily and I have to hear about it on the way home with your boss!!!

I was shaking I was so angry I almost smacked her… But then the adult in me kicked in and I sent her a email:

Please do not raise your voice at me again as it is very unprofessional. I’m trying to do my job which is mainly filling, but it is very difficult to do when you take the filling of my desk and I then have to look for it. I understand that you need to take your things out of the printing so when you do take it, take it out and give the filling back immediately because it will make everything easier.

I assume with this, that this is now handled and over.


Charlotte Coetzee

She did not say a word to me until our boss who I cc’d in this email read it and then she was quick to apologise that she is under pressure…

Boohoo no-one cares, if you can’t do the job then leave… but stay the hell away from my desk.


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