Casting Agencies…

So yesterday was a very eventful day for my 2 girls and our family… it went a little something like this…

Got home from work and my grandparents told me that the teachers wanted to see me the next day.  My heart started to race… I wasn’t a very good student in school I had very bad ADHD and was labeled a naughty child before they realised that I had a problem and then when the did I was already carrying that label on my back and even with the meds why should I try if you don’t give me a chance. So I was very worried about why the teacher wanted to see me.

When I got home Hannes said that he was in contact with or either contacted by a castng agency and they want Lorelai ( apparently it is not normal for kids to have eyes like my daughter and the angency wants to see him today. So as of the end of the month Lorelai will be enrolled. Im so proud, they do almost all ackermans and Mr Price ads so it will be great for my little girl.

But back to Amandalynn, I hardly slept because I was very worried about what the teacher wanted, so this morning when I got to the school, she told me that a casting agency was at the school and they want Amandalynn to join out of only a handful of kids in the entire school. Proud Proud Proud mommy.

So I always believed that my children are gorgeous, but I’m their mother I have to believe it. Now I know people who’s job it is to find beautiful children have found my to kids!!!


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