Lorelai Charlotte Nortje was born today a year ago.

My life has changed so much in the last year that thinking about it today really amazes me. Its amazing how different things are when you have 2 kids instead of one, every second is challenging and amazing all at the same time.

She wa such a tiny little baby and I remember thinking how long this next year is going to be! Every day was a big change and every day she does something new. She really grew very quickly into a perfect little princess.

She is such a small little girl but has a huge personality. She never sits still for a second and absolutely loves eating everything!!! She loves grapes and scrambled eggs and also prefers juice about her milk or any other liquid you can think of. She still only has 6 teeth (she cut them at 8 months) 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom.

I love checking up on wht her milestones should be like at what age, but I don’t focus too much on it. If they can do what they are suppose to, then awesome, but if they can’t they will eventually. http://www.kidsgrowth.com/ is awesome website to check up on this. Currently she is on 12 months , happy birthday which you can find at this link: http://www.kidsgrowth.com/resources/articledetail.cfm?id=318

When we praise Lorelai she gets very excited and claps her hands. She loves shaking her head and saying no to everything.

When it comes to discipline she is not a well trained (yes I use the word trained, as it is basically what you do) as Amandalynn was at that age (yes I know you should not compare your kids, but they are mine so I will J) but I think it is true, your not as strict with your second child as you was with your first.

Her planning for the party is going well, actually its all done and ready, my mom just needs to make the cake.

“Happy Birthday Lorelai, you might not understand what today is all about, but im sure you understand that it is all about you. I love you lots and lots and lots and the last year has been a wonderful, awesome time and I’m thankful for every second that I got to spend with you and looking forward to many many more fun times.”


* This was originally posted on Scaredmom’s Blog



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