Looking back at what I wanted to do in 2011…

Today I found my New Years Resolutions from Jan 2011. Amazing how little wanted to do and how much I achieved this year and maybe not.

1.Compliment my BF at least once a day – does not matter how im feeling about him at that moment he stays te man of my dreams and he deserves to hear it. – That did not work out so well. Hannes and I broke up, I moved out and then we got back together again. Yes it sounds very high school. But we have our shit sorted now. 

2. Stop trying to control everything – Im not superwoman and the only person putting pressure on me to be in control all the time is me!!!! – This went okay, I have become more relaxed and I have accepted that I will never try to control less so I am now doing most of it in secret. sssshhhh

3. Exercise – not as in the gym, but having fun with the kids is good exercise!!!! We have a little park in the middle of our complex and seeing that it is summer as of tonight I will spend at least 15min with the kids running around o the grass, doing whatever they want.  – Yeah right this lasted a week!

4. Being Positive – I tend to focus on everything that is wrong in my life so from now on I will try to focus on the good.  – no comment

5. Pay off at least 1 of my cards and one of BF’sds – this is a must and we need to get rid of debt ASAP – hahahahahaha I know that this never happened because of point 1 but we are back on track now. 

6. Save to go to BF’s parents over the Festive season for 2 weeks. – the kids have only seen them once and I feel it is important to spend more time with them. – We did this kids and I went up for 7 days and it was great. 

7. Stress Less – Yes it comes back to the controlling and be positive aspect of me.

8. Set up a Routine that works for my entire family, not just for me. I tend to forget that it’s not just me living in the house but all of us. – Kids have a routine and we all have a routine and it helps. 

9. Go to church more often – im not going to say every Sunday because then I have already failed. We went to church at least once a month. Aiming on doing more this year, hopefully if we get involved we will have to go even if we don’t feel like it. 

10. Do something for me at least once a month, it does not matter what it is, going out take a 3 hours nap whatever but it has to be just for me no interruptions!!!! – Hannes had the girls one day a weekend so I had loads of me time. 

11. Go back blond – yes I know it’s a stupid one, but it’s what I want to do – by my birthday December 2011 I will be bottle blond again!!!  – This happened by March but as I type this I have dark hair again!

12. Set up my budget and stick to it, include fun things for all in the family. – I got this right for most months , but live is more comfortable now. 

13. Make my house pretty, buy at least one new thing to decorate my house every month. – I got a new house and I got a lot of new things. 

14. Paint the house before the end of the year. – We moved out in Feb so no!

15. Get a puppy. – We moved back to my parents, to 2 dogs, so no need for a new puppy!

The things I didn’t do or the things that did not go as planned I am not that upset about it as I figured I would.  Last year was a good year for me even with all the bad. I think I found myself and that evil was needed!


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