My weekend

So my weekend started out okay we didn’t do much on Friday night, except watch TV and slept.

The fun started on Saturday morning as I was woken up by the little cries of a kitten first thinking that I’m going crazy but then the third cry was very loud I jumped off the bed and asked Hannes (more like screamed at him) to move the mattress so I could see and he kept telling me I was crazy. Eventually he moved it and there in the box was my little girl with her first little baby.

Then I sparked, I moved her from under the bed (in the box she gave birth in) into the cupboard and placed all her food with her so that she could be comfortable. She is such a good mommy and takes really good care of her babies.

Later the morning Hannes had to go and help my father to repack his garage and I decided to make the best of my time at home and get some cleaning done, needless to say between the cat constantly called me to come and scratch her head and the girls messing where I just cleaned I decided that it will be a job for another day. The only thing I did get right to finish was my back yard. My dad gave us a very nice gazebo that was put up on Friday so the girls can have a bit of shade to play in.

We went to go braai by Sacha and Melanie and it was much fun (sarcasm strong in this one) honestly I had fun until much later in the evening before it all turned sour, but Ill get to that. So Melanie also has kittens they are about 3 months old. And Lorelai kept running after them and calling them Hassie (her cat’s name) and wanting to play with them. They loved it and if she stopped chasing them they started to chase her. She just kept laughing each time one of them hooks their nails into her. I think my child does not really feel pain.

The evening went well until sex came up into the discussion and because the boys were a bit drunk they kind of shared info that they should have not, at first it was funny and then it just became rude and I went off to go and sit inside because I do not plan to spend my evening with idiots!!!!

We have Hannes’s aunt’s car for the week, some sort of BMW and let me tell you the car drives like a dream and the fact that the petrol is free even better. Lol Sunday we were planning to go to the beach, but the weather didn’t look so good the morning so instead we sent Amandalynn with my mother to Malmesbury and just chilled at home. Finally at about `12:00 Hannes recovered from his babelas and decided lets go to the beach any way. So we packed the car and headed off to Blouberg to take Lorelai to the beach for the first time.

The wind was bad but my little girl did not care, she had her hands and feet in the sand like it was nobody’s business and when Hannes took her to the water she got very excited and jumped up and down. She loved it. Actually wish we took the camera with. 

On our way home we decided seeing that the petrol is free and we only spent 15min at the beach we will go and fetch Amandalynn in Malmesbury just because we can. We had coffee and watched as the kids ran around in the grass and it hit me, my little baby girl will be one soon! OMG and she has grown so quickly, I cannot even begin to explain what I felt sitting there staring at her, she was running and climbing on everything. Her dad would call her and she would turn around and try and run away from him laughing out loud making a game out of everything. What happened to my little munchkin?

When we finally got home I told Amandalynn to entertain her sister while I make supper, but when I looked up again Amandalynn was watching TV and Lorelai was running around outside screaming like she’s being attacked and then laughing (yes my child is insane).

We weekend ended on a rather bad note as while hanging up the washing Lorelai decided that she wants to play in the pool and as I was torturing to catch her before she falls in I stepped on a bee. The pain was horrible at that minute I wanted to roll into a little ball and cry but my washing needed to be hung up and BF was not there so my pain had to wait until I was done… Who am I fooling I’m not Supermom, but I finished it and went to go lie on the couch to sulk.



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